Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How Using Direct Mail Advertising for Your Business can Help

A lot of business owners are of the mistaken notion that direct mail advertising is already an outdated technique for spreading word about your brand. After all, why go slow with snail mail when you can just go digital and online?

The answer to that is that there are certain limitations to digital marketing that only on-the-ground techniques can adequately respond to. First of all, your goal is to establish brand recall among your target audience. An email advertisement is more likely to be ignored, and may not even reach the inbox at all, and instead go straight to spam.

One of the bigger advantages of direct mail advertising, therefore, is that there is a tangible product being delivered door to door. The more useful the item is, too, the more acceptable it becomes.

Here are some tips to help you successfully pull of direct mail advertising so that your mail does not go ignored in the mailbox.

Send Practical Items

Don’t just send stickers of your brand name or bundles of brochures and leaflets. Instead, mail your target audience useful promotional products that they can have use for in their day-to-day. A pen, notepads, cooler sleeves, bookmarks, and more, for example, are items that they can easily carry with them, too.

Just don’t forget to stamp it with your brand’s logo so that you can instill that brand recall. Because these are items that can be shared with others, too, you are also expanding your brand awareness in the process.

Be Careful with the Package

Mind the packaging of your mail. Make sure that there’s nothing in the contents that can damage the wrapping throughout transport. If it comes in a sorry state and the mailman leaves it in the mailbox, it’s more likely going to be perceived as trash, and then your message will not be sent.

Give Fair Warning

Most folks are wary about getting surprise packages, so just make sure that you immediately inform them that there are promotional products inside. You can stamp or attach a note on the outside of the envelope to that effect.


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